iwata naomi

Born in Shizuoka, Japan. An illustrator, character designer, and film director.
Created and directed numerous CG animation works, and has received high praise overseas as well for his unique style.

Directed Work

Pingu in the City (3D CG animation, 7mins×26episodes)

Pingu, the penguin created in Switzerland and loved around the world, is making his return as CG animation.
A ball of curiosity trying to make it in the big city, Pingu tries out all sorts of different jobs and ends up bringing smiles to the faces of everyone around him in this comedy animation.


Pecola (3D CG animation, 11mins×52episodes)

A fun, heart-warming 3D CG animated series featuring the cheerful young penguin Pecola and his friends living in Cube Town. In addition to being broadcast in Japan, has also been broadcast on Cartoon Network and many other networks overseas.

  • 2001: 2nd place in the Animated TV series category at the Vancouver Effects and Animation Festival (VEAF).
  • 2001: Winner of Outstanding TV Series in the TV Film category at the Annecy Animated Film Festival.
Midnight Horror School (3D CG animatin, 11mins×52episodes)

A spooky school story featuring the ghosts of discarded everyday items - like a worn-down pencil, a worn eraser, a keyboard which no longer produces notes, and more.
The little ghosts with their names starting from A to Z are active in their elementary school at midnight!

  • 2004: Nominated in the TV Film category at the Annecy Animated Film Festival.
Gregory Horror Show (3D CG animation, 2mins 20secs×72episodes)

Set in the other-worldly hotel "Gregory House" fraught with desire, this comical horror story follows the hotel's owner, Gregory, and other cute monsters as they toy with human guests caught up in their midst!
Consists of four series: Gregory Horror Show, Second Guest, Last Train, and Bloody Karte.

Ride on Explet's (3D CG animation, 2mins 10secs ×26episodes)

Ride on Explet's is a story of traveling trains.
It follows the fun and slightly surreal adventures of a group of 3D CG paper cut-out trains in a pop-up book world.

  • 2003: Nominated in the TV Film category at the Annecy Animated Film Festival.