Music Aquarium

Make your own music aquarium where the music fish swim gracefully to the music!


*This application is currently under development.
Raise music fish, inhabitants of the music oceans, in your smart phone. The fish will grow into different types of music fish depending on what kind of music you listen to, and how many times you play it. If you resister your favorite song to fish and put it into the aquarium, you can create a playlist aquarium. If you gather guitar, drum, and keyboard music fish, a band can be formed. Have jam sessions with music fish all around the world through social networks. "Music Aquarium" is an application that makes listening to music even more fun.



Music fish come in various sizes and shapes.
There are many kinds of sea creatures that have the characteristics of instruments, such as guitar fish, piano fish, drum crabs, amp jellyfish, trumpet shells, accordion squids, and more!