Little Train Adventures: Rainbow Loco

The adventures of bright, young trains cars! Teaching children the real fun of travel!


"Rainbow Loco" is the story of travel. It's set in the train world "Locomoland," where the tale of the little steam engine Loco's journey with his friends Tim and Evo unfolds.
Loco's journey will help us, who are pressed for time as we go on trips, to see the real wonder of travel. For children, it teaches them that friendship is amazing, the wisdom to overcome trouble, and the strength to face problems.
"Rainbow Loco" is a travel fantasy for people of all ages.


  • Loco


  • Tim


  • Evo


  • Shinkansen


  • Eurostar


  • Indian Pacific

    Indian Pacific

  • Shanghai Rapid

    Shanghai Rapid

  • Amtrack


  • Giga Train

    Giga Train


Loco and his friends live in the train country of "Locomoland." There, trains and vehicles live their daily lives just like we humans do. Cities that Loco travels in are inspired by the ones around the world we live in. In the story, the cities we know are inhabited by trains. The famous sites and special products of those cities are also modeled after the real world locales. The trains are Ninja-trained in Tokyo City, see a musical on New York City, and have delicious Chinese in Chinapolis.
By traveling with Loco in the story, you can experience traveling around the world. Boats and public car transpotations also put in an appearance, and you can experience the fun of riding in those as well together with Loco and his friends.