Gregory Horror Show A Mysterious Holiday A new Gregory Horror Show for children!

You stressed out filthy brats… Uh, I mean, dear children, I have a special accomodation plan, just for you… Bwahahahaha…

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Regular school and cram school. Soccer practice and piano class… Children nowawadays are very stressed and tired.
Cause of power harassment, moral harassment and sweatshop-like environments, adults are also exhausted.
For folks like that, I've prepared a slightly mysterious and creepy accommodation plan.
"Gregory Horror Show A Mysterious Holiday" is a free accommodation plan where stray sheep stay at the mysterious "Gregory House," a hotel in another dimension, and have scary experiences.
What's scary about staying at the hotel you ask? The guests at the hotel are all monsters, not humans. Oh, you should have a proper experience of scare.
Your family worries about you...? Don't worry. Only your soul checks into the hotel...


  • Gregory


  • Hiroshi


  • Catzombie


  • Hell's Chef

    Hell's Chef

  • Cactus Girl

    Cactus Girl

  • Cactus Gunman

    Cactus Gunman

  • James


  • Mummy Dog

    Mummy Dog

  • Mummy Papa

    Mummy Papa

  • Lost Doll (Front)

    Lost Doll (Front)

  • Lost Doll (Back)

    Lost Doll (Back)

  • Judgment Boy

    Judgment Boy

  • Witless Zombie

    Witless Zombie

  • Catherine


  • Death


  • Clock Master

    Clock Master

  • マイサン

    My Son


"Gregory Horror Show A Mysterious Holiday" is set in the mysterious "Gregory House," a hotel in another dimension.
The hotel grants people wishes. Isn't that great! Oh, of course there's a catch.
You have to pay your very soul for the accommodation fee!
Humans who have their souls removed change to monsters in the form of their wishes.
There are many monsters like that staying in Gregory House. Children lost in the hotel encounter monsters reflecting their worries and stress.
There are scary experiences for everyone. For indecisive company employee there is "Judgement Boy," a former lawyer. For children who play hookey from school, there is Mummy Dog, a puppy monster proud of his sickness.
"Gregory Horror Show A Mysterious Holiday" is a new kind of ghost story for all you lost souls.